I am now offering conversion services. For $2750 I will convert your NA MKIII to a 7M-GTE in about 2 weeks. Please contact me for details.

This is my attempt to provide all the info you should need to drop a 7M-GTE into your NA MKIII Supra. Read it all before asking questions, this page should answer most of them.

UPDATE: It looks like the JDM engine supply is drying up! As of 06/30/04 Soko hasn't had a 7M-GTE in approximately 5 months!

Toyota was fairly nice when they built the MKIII- there are very few differences between the NA and turbo variants. The differences are (other than the obvious turbo/IC associated parts):

That's it. No other differences in the chassis, drivetrain or brakes. Pretty cool, huh? ;)

NOTE: '86.5 cars are considered the SAME as '87 - '88 cars for conversion purposes. My car is an early model year '87, effectively the same as an '86.5and I had no problems. '89 cars are a problem- '89 was a transitional year. Early '89s have a lot in common with the <'88 cars as far as wiring is concerned, later '89s have more in common with '90+ cars.

Here is a fairly complete list of stuff you will need, approximate prices are included after each item:

All total you should budget at least $2,000 to cover everything seen above and all the many misc. pieces that you will end up buying along the way.

Here are my recomendations of things to change during your conversion:

Now for some notes: the swap is straight forward, pull out the NA engine (I recommend pulling theengine and the trans together, its much easier, unplug the engine wiring harness from the ECU and pull it through the firewall), remove the flywheel/flexplate from the NA engine and install it on the turbo engine (along with the clutch, etc.), swap over the transmission,drop in the turbo engine,remove the NA ECU (its above the glove compartment), put in the turbo ECU, remove NA ignitor, install the turbo ignitor, remove the NA AFM, install the turbo AFM, install the downpipe to the turbo elbow, the down pipe should mate up to the stock NA catalytic converter though i wouldn't recomend using the stock NA exhaust as it is way too restrictive, install the intercooler and oil cooler and respective piping, fire it up!

As far as transmission choices, you can reuse whatever trans your NA had. The W58 (NA 5 speed) will bolt up to the 7M-GTE w/no problems (just use the NA flywheel/clutch assembly). The NA auto trans is basically the same as the turbo auto trans, justsome subtle differences in the clutch packs, etc. to hold the extra power. If you do have an auto transyou might want to think about rebuilding it or replacing it w/a 5 speed as it will hold only about 300rwhp.The W58 should hold upwards of 400rwhp and the sky is the limit w/the R154.

If you do decide to switch over to the R154 (from the W58, for auto to manual conversion go here), you will need a few things:


Last update 06/30/04

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